Soul Searching journeys into spirit

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Soul Searching, journeys into Spirit
by Fr. Joe Hennessy

"It is a distinct honor to write a foreword to this very engaging book authored by my friend of 54 years.

We both came off the same ordination assembly line on June 8, 1963. Fr. Joe???s Soul Searching: Journeys into Spirit with its many hiking metaphors, stories and images reveals a daring outer and inner exploration of Aisling: God???s dream for us.

It is deeply personal and autobiographical. Its style is transparent and brutally honest. It appears that Fr. Joe, the hiker, is an incurable nature mystic. Surely, this explains his love for God???s book of creation. His faith experiences, related so well in these pages, are testimony a-plenty to his encounter with the Holy in Lectio Divina from the book of creation.

I hope each reader will find it as engrossing, enlightening, and instructive as I did. As I read through it in one sitting, I felt like I was looking into a mirror and seeing myself with all my vulnerabilities in my own soul searching journey. I enjoyed the distillation of wisdom from Fr. Joe???s life experience, and the integration of insightful and meaningful quotes from a wide range of authors. I am deeply touched and grateful for the holistic message and spirituality of this book.

May all who experience the Holy through encounter with God???s dream of us be enlightened by this book and be similarly blessed and come to know what it means to be the beloved of God."

Tomas O Cathalain
Our Lady Mother of Sorrows Tucson, AZ
Author of The Heart of the Poet

5 1/4" x 8 1/4"
88 pages

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