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Teach Me About Saints

Teach Me About Saints
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Having fun with the Church's "all stars".

Let adventure stories and a variety of activities introduce your primary-grade children to the lives and works of more than a dozen of the Catholic Church's "all stars": its greatest saints.

Now they can learn about:
St. Valentine
St. Joan of Arc
St. John Bosco
St. Katharine of Drexel
And many more!

Completing mazes, connecting the dots, finding and telling, and figuring out match-up puzzles (and more!), all add up to one single reason Teach Me About Saints is so effective: it's fun! Better still, those mazes, dots, and other challenges make the learning memorable.
And the follow-up questions after each story make it easy for a teacher or parent to talk to a child about that particular saint and the lesson they can learn from their life.
Joan E. Plum/Paul S. Plum/Catherine M. Odell - Paperback

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