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This seven-member, Cleveland-based group is familiar both as a headliner and backup band at youth rallies, concerts, retreats and conferences around the country. Led by Andy Andino with Dee Dee Alvarado, Dennis Rodriguez, Frankie Gonzalez, Kiko Negron, Sammy Rosario, and Randy Cedeo. Put on your dancing shoes. In Tu estas, their first Spanish album, Who Do You Say I Am lays down an authentic Latin groove that requires every hip to swivel, every head to bob, every heart to open to the merciful love of God. Slow and sweet, syncopated and caliente, these are 11 original songs that speak boldly to Jesus, proclaiming "you are here" among us as a very present friend and protector.

Backed by exceptional Latin strings and percussion and some breathtaking guitar picking (a la Gypsy Kings) this charismatic group uses a contemporary, urban sound and potent Caribbean rhythms to inspire a passion for Christ in all who have ears to hear.

Contigo, Oh Dios, Espiritu Santo, Jesucristo, Yo Me Entrego, Levantame, Senor, Nadie Como Tu, Santa Marra de la Esperanza, Santo Eres Tu, Soy Libre, Tu Eres, Senor, Tu estas, Yo Canto Como David -- Who Do You Say I am

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