Paperback New American Bible - Revised Edition

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Paperback, 1,432 pages
5-1/2 x 8-5/8" H
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The official Catholic Bible, translated from the original languages with critical use of all the ancient sources.
The NABRE includes a newly revised translation of the entire Old Testament (including the Book of Psalms) along with the 1986 edition of the New Testament.

  • Revised Old Testament with Psalms
  • Includes a list of all Popes and the dates of their reign and a chronological list of the parables, miracles and discourses
  • Topical headings
  • Alphabetical and chronological lists of the books of the Bible
  • Complete cross references
  • Concise, authoritative notes for each book of the Bible
  • Introduction and outline to each book of the Bible
  • Easy-to-read type and boldface subject headings
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